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Pearleen’s 7th Birthday Party | The Balloon Thing

Hi all!

Today The Balloon Thing just did a birthday party for Pearleen, who is turning 7 years old this year and the mummy have been our regular customer for 2 consecutive years 🙂 Is great to have clients coming for us again and again. Each and every repeated customer will be challenging for us as we have to do different and new things for them so that they will not see the same thing every year 🙂

They booked us for a kids party package which includes balloon sculpting, face painting and magic shows 🙂

Done by our professional Face Painter 🙂

The 3 super heroes in the party!

Magic show by Mr Polka 🙂

The Balloon Thing Birthday Event Planner Singapore – Birthday Event Planner Singapore

I have edited this video to showcase the party packages available in The Balloon Thing.

Happy Birthday Pearleen!

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5 Types Of People Balloon Artist Meet

Dear readers,

Have you ever encountered customers who ask questions which you do not know how to answer?

Because balloon artists do encounter. Sometimes is ask about our well being but sometimes they ask…..a lot.

5 Types Of People Balloon Artist Meet

1) The Ask A Lot

Firstly, they ask about doing a balloon sculpture for their kids, then they proceed to ask about how you learn, how you started this balloon business. You may be thinking they want to hire your balloon sculpting service for future next time already but they continue to ask about your family, whether you have boyfriend/girlfriend and so on and so forth.

2) The Ask For A Lot

It is totally different from the 1st point because these people are asking for the impossible. They will ask for a balloon bus, a balloon train, a balloon house, a balloon LV bag and other things which are not possible to make within the time frame.

3) The Mind Changer

They ask for a dog for their son, then change their mind within 5 secs, ask for a sword then change again and it continues until they are satisfied.

4) Anything Also Can

I love these people! Some people may see you working so hard for your career and they know that you are knocking off because you are done for the event. They will ask you to make anything for their children just so as their kids will have something to play only.

5) The Take For Everyone

They like to share with everyone so they ask for their son, daughter, grand-daughters, grand-sons, nephew, niece, neighbours, neighbour’s son, neighbour’s daughter. Yes, basically, everyone they know.

My best buddy in entertainment made a video 2 years ago for “Types Of People Balloon Artists Meet”. View the video below for better illustration!

A Youtuber teaches how to make a balloon couple

Hi all!

I was finding some balloon tutorial for my own knowledge and i came across this young lady who teaches on youtube on how to make a balloon couple and she actually did it quite well despite she is not a professional balloon artist. I have seen the videos in her youtube and she is actually a normal Youtuber who introduces about hair, skin, face and some singing but pretty amazing that she does balloons very well!

Her name is Kelly Hongle

Do check out her tutorial if you want to know how to make a balloon couple to give your friends on their wedding day.

Her Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Beautydivinedotnet/featured

For more pictures of balloon sculpting, you can click the links below.

Balloon Sculptures
Balloon Sculpting Services

You can check out our dessert tables (click the name to view dessert table) as well!

Republic Polytechnic Open House 2017

It had been 2 weeks after Polytechnic Open House 2017. The Balloon Thing once again did a customised balloon backdrop for DIOM. It has been 3 consecutive years that Republic Polytechnic DIOM hired The Balloon Thing to decorate their booth with balloons. Balloon decoration is mainly to attract the crowd and for photo taking session.

Let us go back to the past 2/3 years to reminisce The Balloon Thing’s amazing balloon decoration 🙂


I went with the colour theme of Republic Polytechnic and i wanted to try out something different so i did this balloon arch tree. Although it has nothing related to DIOM except for the colours, i was glad that facilitators and students like them. A number of pictures were taken in their Facebook page.


In 2016, this type of balloon photo booth was one of my favourite and i always propose this type of decoration to my clients because it looks grand and stunning. It looks exactly similar to a photo booth or a photo frame. This balloon photo frame can allow your creativity to go wild. It can be decorated with a lot of designs and it will stand out among the rest of the decoration.


This was the latest balloon backdrop i did for DIOM this year. Finally i was abled to follow the theme and trust me, thinking of the tools to make and follow the theme was difficult but we made it. We made balloon ruler, balloon exponential chart, balloon pencil and balloon aeroplane. The theme for this year is mainly on SEG so it can be anything related to SEG, not only restricted to DIOM course. I felt satisfied of the balloon backdrop because it looked awesome isn’t it? 

Below are some pictures of students taking photo with the balloon backdrop.

All the pictures were taken from DIOM Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/rpdiom/

I hope that i can continue to decorate DIOM’s booth every year. View my other balloon decoration below 🙂

Balloon Arch Decoration

Balloon Column Decoration

Balloon Backdrop Decoration

(Click the purple words above to view the link)

Congrats to the opening of Eclipse Party Sg!

Congratulation To The Opening Of Eclipse Party Sg!

Joey Chin, the founder of Eclipse Party Sg just opened a new party planner company. It is a kids party planner providing full fledge of kids party packages, supplies and planning for birthday parties. He has years of experience handling kids because he was actually a magician himself, learning from Republic Polytechnic Magic Club previously. Then through these years of experience entertaining kids, he decided to open a party planner company to expand his business other than only performing magic. Even though this is a new party planner company but he has a few number of vendors to work with, from food stalls to balloon decoration to rental services.

Eclipse Party Sg focuses in planning all kinds of birthday parties, from kids parties to adult parties or hens parties. Everything you need, they will do their very best to meet your needs. 

Eclipse Party Sg mainly specialised entertainment services like kids magic shows, balloon sculpting services and affordable party packages in Singapore.
(click the link to view the website)

Once again, congrats to Eclipse Party Sg! Hope to work with you soon!


Teaching you how to make a Christmas Balloon Tree!

Christmas is around the corner and i was browsing some videos on christmas trees so i thought, why not teach you how to make a christmas tree using balloons so that you can decorate in your house or give away to the children? Christmas balloon tree is actually quite easy and it only needs round balloons to form up the tree.

Never mind if you do not have the star foil as we used this star foils professionally during our balloon decoration. You can substitute with balloon flowers as well. 

A few days ago, DBS hired The Balloon Thing to set up a balloon christmas tree for their office. It look something like this.

This is a 2.2m tall christmas tree!

Thank so much for watching this tutorial i hope you had learn something from this video. I will make some balloon teaching videos as well for you! Stay tuned!

The Balloon Thing provides balloon decoration and balloon sculpting for all kinds of events such as birthday parties and carnival events. Do check out our pages for different designs!

Balloon Arch

Balloon Columns

Balloon Backdrops

The Balloon Thing – Magic Show Singapore

Hello! I am sorry that i did not update my post for a long time because the remaining two months are the busiest for entertainers and artists. So pardon for the late blog post.

You have been wondering that the owner of The Balloon Thing does all kinds of balloon decoration and balloon sculpting but have you wondered what are his other talents?


Yes, he does magic as well. Jy Norvin is a highly entertaining magician in Singapore who does stage magic, close up magic and children magic. His children magic is one of Singapore’s favourite magician in birthday parties. Recently he just upgrade his show business by adding in a number of highly entertaining props and backdrop in his show.


This was his recent magic show in October 🙂 I am very glad that i received this backdrop before Christmas 🙂

Just last weekend, he did an RC event graced by Guest Of Honour PM Lee Hsien Loong. It was an honour performing for this event.


One of my magic act on stage which gathered thunderous applause from the audience all the time.

Jy Norvin’s children stage name is called Mr Polka and Mr Polka’s website has exclusive birthday party packages which are affordable for Mummies and Daddies 🙂

View the website here: http://www.mrpolkamagic.com/kids-birthday-party-packages/

Amateur Balloon Artist Teaches You Amazing Balloon Sculptures!

I found something interesting online when i was searching for balloon sculpting tutorial and i found out a girl on youtube, she likes anime a lot and in her channel, there are a lot of things talking about anime but, she is also a balloon lover like me! I saw some balloon twisting tutorials in her channel and is quite amazing because she is not a professional balloon artist but she has top notch standard of balloon skills.

She made a Cryaotic anime balloon sculpture and teaches in her video. It looked simple but it was incredible. She does not know the exact names when she was introducing the types of balloon but i admired her love for balloon sculpting. She also did some balloon sculptures that required difficult techniques.


Do view her youtube channel and learn from her!

If you want to view more of balloon sculptures, click here.

The Balloon Thing | Leading Balloon Company In Singapore

Is Frozen still popular?

Is Frozen still popular among kids? The answer is YES!

Since the release of the movie in 2013, kids are crazy about Frozen, especially the main character, Elsa and Anna. These 2 princesses are the most popular in the movie and girls are dreaming to be Elsa and Anna so you can notice almost all of our parties that we hosted are Frozen theme.

We have done many decoration and theme along the line of the movie example,

Balloon Arch

Balloon Columns


Balloon Backdrop


Of course, not forgetting our main characters,

Balloon Elsa (done by Jy Norvin)


Balloon Anna (done by Leyeon)


The venue is Tiara Society where they have own part timers dressed up like princesses like Anna and Elsa. The above balloon decoration was given by Pixel Party Sg. They hired Leyeon and i to decorate for a 4 years old birthday party.

We have a video below to show you the process of setting up the Frozen balloon decoration.

Frozen Balloon Decoration Singapore – Showreel Of Frozen Balloon Decoration Singapore 

Want to transform your princess into Elsa or Anna? Do not hesitate to contact Jy Norvin @ 91277332 for more!

Other balloon decoration themes, you can click here.

A Mother’s Birthday Gift

Just 2 weeks ago, i did an interesting balloon backdrop decoration for my friend’s mother surprise birthday party. The discussion went well and i find that the decoration was interestingly unique. I personally have not done this kind of balloon decoration before so i was quite excited too.

Below was the finished product. Basically is a surprise for her mother. The balloon backdrop covered the whole entrance and the letter ‘J’ was her name which is Jenny. I called her Auntie Jenny 🙂 She had to burst the letter ‘J’ and the 2 sides of balloon columns will open for her and taa dah! all the guest, family and friends will sing birthday song suddenly! Such a heartwarming day for Auntie Jenny i would said.


The night before was extremely tiring and exhausted. Leyeon from Balloon Ranger and i set up the whole restaurant from 10pm to 2am. We helped my friend to set up the other balloons too.


Auntie Jenny complimented me on Facebook 🙂 Glad that the surprise went well smoothly.


This was my friend’s huge compliment to me. As an entertainer, i was quite elated that people do appreciate the hard work that we balloonist put up. Yes, 6 years ago, i was their magician and balloonist.


And….that was me 6 years ago performing for their family…time flies..

After this surprise birthday party, i found out that the older you grow, the more you realise that mother is your best friend you can ever have. During rebellious days in secondary school, you might think that parents are the most annoying in this world, but you will tend to appreciate them more when you grew up 🙂

Always love your mother because you will never get another.

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