Slushie Machine Rental

Slushie Machine Rental

If you are planning a party but having the usual food stalls like popcorn and candy floss or hotdog stall rental? Don’t worry because The Balloon Thing also provides Slushie Machine Rental for parties as well!

We provides for all kinds of events like children birthday parties, wedding, corporate events and mainly school carnival events. 

The machines are easy set up, hassle-free way of serving large amounts of slushies. 


All packages’ slush mixes are halal.  It is advisable to choose 2 different coloured flavours so guests will differentiate the difference.

Our flavours include Fruit Punch (Red Colour), Mango (Yellow Colour), Soursop (White Colour), Lime (Green Colour), Blueberry (Blue Colour), Orange (Orange Colour).

Twin Bowl Slushie Machine

Package includes:

1) 2 bowls of slushie
2) 120 x regular plastic cups
3) 120x straws  (220ml cups)


If you need 4 or more slushie machine for your event, you can call Jy Norvin @ 91277332 or email to for exclusive rates!

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Terms and conditions:

1) You understand that set up and freezing will take 2 hours and you have accounted for this when booking set-up time
2) MANDATORY – For the set-up, we need a standard 230/240v (13amp) dedicated main power point (no sharing with other equipment in power boards). We need 2 main working power points.
3) MANDATORY – We also need a good sturdy table with no glass top (as machine weighs approx 80kg when filled).
4) MANDATORY- Pls ensure there is free space around machine for ventilation (approx 25cm).
5) The machine must be under cover and cannot be under direct sunlight and rain
6) You will return the equipment to The Balloon Thing in the same good condition as received.
7) You understand that you CANNOT ADD ICE directly into the Slushie machine
8) You are NOT ALLOWED to USE YOUR OWN SLUSH MIX or ADD ALCOHOL INTO MACHINE as this can damage the machine. If machine is damaged, you will be bear full costs for repair or unit replacement if beyond repair.